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Oh where, oh where has my little Nag gone? Oh where, oh where can she be?

I am bummed. Yesterday, somewhere on my 2 mile lunch walk, I lost my activity tracker. Active Link is Weight Watcher's version of a fitbit or jawbone.

For the past two years, "she" has been my buddy, "Nag". She has kept me moving - I constantly checked for the 4 green lights which told me I had reached my daily activity goal. If, by the end of the day, there weren't 4 green lights, I went out and walked around the block (around hotel lobbies, parking lots, pacing the room) until I had made Nag happy.

I know I had her before I left for my walk. She was gone by the time I got back. I back tracked my walk (so another 2 miles), but I didn't find her. *sniff*

I need my Nag. She has helped me to lose over 38 pounds.

How do I replace her?
Tags: health, weight watchers

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