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Ugh. I haz cold. Sore throat started on Tuesday and move on to chest cold by Christmas Day. Spent the day after Christmas in bed.

Saturday, did go to the Farmer's Market, Guitar Center (to exchange sitting snare drum stand for standing (Concert) drum stand), Bed Bath & Beyond (K got me the lamp set I wanted!) and Hae Dae Gam for kim chi che ghe for lunch. Then, I went back to bed for the rest of the day.

Christmas morning brunch at 10:30 or so. Chile Relleno casserole, pancakes, Canadian bacon, fruit and lots of cheese (Stilton, brie & manchego). If Kyle had his way, he'd have slept through it. He'd stayed up until 6am, just enjoying the Christmas tree and playing games. Silly boy!

Alani finally got her iphone! One very happy kidlet. Her dad managed to get her one in time for Christmas!

Made K very happy with her replacement bowl. She'd broken her beloved yellow large pyrex bowl just before Thanksgiving (well, it was part of the set that Mom got for her bridal shower). As soon as I found out, I went to my dear buddy, Ebay and found her another one. Kyle had known that I had found one and was REALLY REALLY EXCITED for K to open up her present. =)

Christmas Dinner at the Adachi's. I am not sure whether Kyle had ever had lobster before, but he did love it. K too. Me, I stayed far away. Had a nice chat with Steve & Prudence - they'd just gotten back from a trip to Budapest, Prague and Vienna. (her 50th birthday celebration!) Left early because I was sick and K & I had to work on Friday.


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Dec. 29th, 2014 12:21 pm (UTC)
I hope your cold goes away quickly.

I've commenced countdown of the incubation period in hopes I didn't bring cold germs home with me from my sister's house this weekend; one of her daughter's had a cold. She did her best to keep it to herself, but of course I did claim one hug.

Congratulations on finding the Christmas gift for K that made her so happy.
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