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Christmas Ketchup

A quick catch up of what I've been up to
  • Really enjoyed seeing Kinky Boots at the Orpheum

  • Had planned to go to Carmel, but the weather was lousy, so went to Graton's for the day. Lost as usual. herefox even got carded at dinner. I mean, "REALLY???"

  • Dicken's Fair with Sean, Kyle & Alani. Tea was awesome as usual. I finally broke down and bought a bonnet!

  • Discussed Dracula at Book Club and had a mini baby shower for Kellie. She's due January 1st!

  • Finance & IT joint holiday party at Donato's White Elephant Gift Exchange (3 steals max) and Audrey gave out books too! I really enjoyed seeing Big Hero 6

  • RCMEA Holiday Party

  • Peter & the Starcatcher was very silly

  • Had lunch with Wee Willie and a fun afternoon with dear Great-godson Noah!

  • Passed my annual mammogram

  • Lunch and a lovely chat with trektone at Jack's Oyster Bar & Fish House

  • Waffle Tuesday at work. Love my new Cuisinart waffle iron

  • Kidlets and I went to the chapel Christmas Eve

  • Gayle made prime rib & shrimp scampi for Christmas Eve Dinner. Karen, Lisa, and kidlets made & decorated sugar cookies for dessert

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