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So, ever since trektone took me out for brunch at the Waterbar, I've been craving more seafood. Specifically - oysters. Just how hard was it to open up a bunch of oysters? HAH!

Thursday night, I stopped by Sur le Table at the Ferry Building and picked up an oyster knife. I asked a salesperson which knife I should get. I told her that I was a total newbie at this and needed all the help I could get. She recommended this knife and wooden oyster holder kit. Once I got better, she said, just go with the straight oyster knife like they use at Hog's Island.

Saturday, I picked up a bunch of Miyagi and Kumamoto oysters at Tokyo Fish Market.

This morning, I washed the oysters and went to work. I started with the Miyagi oysters first. The first oyster, I managed to break open in the wrong spot and put it aside. The second one, I managed to get the knife in the hinge and open it up. YAY! The third one, I managed to push too hard and the knife slipped and I poked myself - but NO BLOOD! The oyster holder thingy, I broke on the 4th one. Finished up the rest. I had had enough at this point. Couldn't figure out where to open up the Kumamotos, so I threw them in with the noodles.


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