Debbie (debmats) wrote,

No Blood! or Debbie manages to shuck oysters without much damage

So, ever since trektone took me out for brunch at the Waterbar, I've been craving more seafood. Specifically - oysters. Just how hard was it to open up a bunch of oysters? HAH!

Thursday night, I stopped by Sur le Table at the Ferry Building and picked up an oyster knife. I asked a salesperson which knife I should get. I told her that I was a total newbie at this and needed all the help I could get. She recommended this knife and wooden oyster holder kit. Once I got better, she said, just go with the straight oyster knife like they use at Hog's Island.

Saturday, I picked up a bunch of Miyagi and Kumamoto oysters at Tokyo Fish Market.

This morning, I washed the oysters and went to work. I started with the Miyagi oysters first. The first oyster, I managed to break open in the wrong spot and put it aside. The second one, I managed to get the knife in the hinge and open it up. YAY! The third one, I managed to push too hard and the knife slipped and I poked myself - but NO BLOOD! The oyster holder thingy, I broke on the 4th one. Finished up the rest. I had had enough at this point. Couldn't figure out where to open up the Kumamotos, so I threw them in with the noodles.
Tags: cooking, food

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