Debbie (debmats) wrote,

A ship! - and Alani's a Teenager!

Walking from the Ferry Building to Caltrain and back this week, I saw this ship at Pier 30/32. Was trying to figure out what kind of ship it is - lots of ships in the Bay for Fleet Week. It's the newly commissioned (as of Alani's birthday!) USS America.

Speaking of Alani's birthday - my kidlet is a TEENAGER!!! (though she's been acting like one for eons)

So, Kyle, Alani, Maria (Alani's BFF) and I went to Great America for the day. Front row of Flight Deck, no wait!!! For the night too - after dinner at Applebee's (birthday girl wanted their boneless buffalo wings), we went back to Great America for their HALLOWEEN HAUNT. I'd promised Alani that when she was 13, she could go. It's not recommended for those under 13 (and boy did I see a lot of little ones - many very unhappy) We did 4 of the 8 mazes - Maria's parents wanted her home by 10-10:30.

Kidlets and I may go back and finish the mazes another weekend.

Family birthday dinner tonight.
Tags: family, kidlets, life

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