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A Foodie Day in San Francisco...

Yesterday, trektone picked me up and we caught the 10:25am ferry to San Francisco for my birthday celebration =)

Brunch at The Waterbar. OMG There was the Ultimate Bloody Mary (Grey Goose vodka, smoked bacon, shrimp, cucumbers & housemade spice blend) that couldn't make up its mind whether it was a drink or a seafood cocktail. I got the non-alcohol version. Then there was the OMG seafood platter. Oysters (4 different kinds), clams, prawns, crab and halibut ceviche. There was supposed to be lobster, but as I really didn't need hives, we got a heck of lot more oysters! Cove Miyagi, Drakes Bay, Effinghan, and Marin Miyagi.

Brown Sugar Blackberry Trifle -lime curd, sparkling sabayon, hazelnut crunch & some gingersnap sorbet for dessert! (and Happy Birthday written in chocolate...)

Next up was supposed to be a movie, but we ended up punting on that. Spent the afternoon walking & chatting - to Fisherman's Wharf, up Stockton Street, through North Beach (stopping in two of Joey's favorite stores - Coit Liquors and Mara's Bakery), then through Chinatown, Union Square and down Market back to the Ferry Building.

Wandered around the Financial District until Pabu's opened at 5:30. Yum! Kinpira Gobo, Ocean "Fois Gras" (ankimo, ponzu & scallion), Maitake Mushroom Tempura, a wonderful Grilled Squid (umami shoyu, kewpie, togarashi), Miso Black Cod (mustard seed, summer bean) and Liberty Farms Duck (yamaimo dumpling, fava, glazed plums). I could eat the squid and the cod, along with a bowl of rice, and be quite content =)

We had thought about getting the Monterey Squid Okonomiyaki (pork belly, sunny-side egg, bonito), but decided on the grilled squid and opted for the duck instead. Joey took a poll among all the staff as to their preference - the grilled squid or the okonomiyaki. Next time, will need to try the okonomiyaki, but the grilled squid seemed to be a staff favorite!

Dessert - Oy. So full! Ordered the cherry sorbet (sparkling sake, almond, shiso) - because really? So full! I did get a chocolate cream cookie and ice cream - a lit candle in the cookie and I think "Happy Birthday" written in Japanese. =)

8:15 ferry ride home.

Thank you, Joey!!!


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