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Geez louise, I've been doing a lot of stuff, but I haven't posted about anything. I keep thinking, "I need to post about that thing I did 4 months ago first" and then I never post at all.

Let's start with what I've done this past week =)

Saturday, I flew down to Newport Beach for my cousin's 50th Wedding Anniversary party. 6:30am flights are great - got to Orange County at 8:am, but the getting up and out of the house by 4:45am? Not so great.

Rented a Hyundai Elantra and drove over to the Fashion Island Shopping Center. Just a bit early for the noon party. Walked around the outside of the mall until Barnes & Noble opened up. Did a bit of shopping, but ended up in the food court, by the fountain. Finished J. Kathleen Cheney's The Golden City and started book 2, The Seat of Magic. Enjoyable reads!

The party was held at Roy's. Good food, lots of chatting with cousins. Tetsuo & Pam nicely fed wedding cake to each other =)

Went back to Pam & Tetsuo's place for more yakking and eating until it was time for my flight back to Oakland. (yes, quick trip - mainly because da family vacation's is in LA starting tomorrow)

I don't remember their wedding. I do remember the plane ride (my very first one!). Mom, K & I sat in one row and Dad was in the row behind us. Western Airlines - the only way to fly. I remember my little white purse that held arare (rice crackers) and a toy. I traded some arare to the guy in the next row who had FRITO'S CORN CHIPS! Okay, I was 3 and corn chips made/make me happy. I also remember that K & I had matching blue frilly dresses and that we stayed with our cousins, the Saida's.

Sunday, trektone and I met up for brunch at Hopscotch. The kimchi fried rice with jidori eggs and fried pork belly were tasty. Joey had the poached egg, fried chicken and gravy on a soba biscuit. Dessert (with Joey, there is always dessert) was mint chocolate mousse with peppermint meringue for me and donuts with a butterscotch cream sauce. Yum.

Movies! Saw Lucy at Bay Street. (it was okay, better than I thought it would be) and then drove over to Piedmont and saw Magic in the Moonlight. Colin Firth... Squee =)

Tuesday, Kyle and I met up with cousins Patty & Brendan and spent the day at Great America. Da boys went off on their own, so Patty & I walked, chatted and got soaking wet on Rip Roaring Rapids. When the ride stops and you're under the waterfall? Yes, you get SOAKED! Ended the day with dinner at Red Robin.

Last night, had pizza at herefox's. Caught up on So You Think You Can Dance.

Tags: family, friends, movies, travel

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