Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Where the heck did I put the toilet???

Tomorrow is the department's holiday party. Every year we do a white elephant exchange and I keep meaning to bring back the prezzie that I got in 1999.

Only problem is, I can't find the drat thing.

One of the techies, who was famous for not just flipping his truck once but twice and for blowing things up, had come up with this great idea to give everybody on his list - a bank which looks and has sound effects just like a real toilet. Yes, it's the famous Toilet Bank Just add money and it flushes. Loudly.

He had wrapped it up in bright colored paper and even had a golden bow on top. Some of us had already had the demo, so we stayed far away from that package.

We drew names out of a bag and you could either take a package from the prezzie table or steal from somebody who already had a prezzie. Prezzies were immediately opened so we knew what was out there. Next to the last draw, Sally picks a prezzie and is totally flabbergasted to find a swaroski (sp?) crystal bowl with little crystal birds sitting on the rim. It's absolutely lovely. Lots of sparkles. Turns out our financial services manager is not into knickknacks and it had been sitting in a closet. It had been a present from the company her husband had worked for. Definitely not cheap.

Unfortunately, Sally was not the last person. Heather's name came out last and she went over and stole that prezzie away from poor Sally. Sally got the last prezzie on the table. Guess what it was? The look on her face when she opened it up was priceless. Going from something so fantastic, so beautiful to... a toilet... that flushes... loudly.

We were all trying very hard not to laugh - well at least not too loudly.

I ended up trading her whatever I got - stationary? for the bank. I figured I could give it to one of my friend's kids. (well, I was going to, but his mom gave me a look when I mentioned it, so I didn't) So I've had this bank since 1999. I really want to get rid of it, but I have no idea where I put it. Was going to do it in 2001, but I was sick. 2002, I was stuck on jury duty.
Where did I put it????

Tags: work

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