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February Catch Up - Part I (Diogo & Wesley's Wedding)

I'm way behind in posting...

Thursday, February 13th, me, my sisters and da kidlets were going to see Imagine Dragons in concert at SAP (aka HP Pavillion). This was one of the few things that Alani wanted for her birthday last October. Guess what happened during PE that morning? Alani got smacked in the face with a volleyball. "Slight Concussion" according to her doctor. *sigh* Instead of going to her first concert, the concert she'd been waiting months for - she was home in bed with a bloody headache. One very sad kidlet.

Kyle, K and I ended up going to J-town for dinner before the concert. We picked Alani up a t-shirt, a hoodie, a program and a flashy bracelet. There were two openers: the first group I never did get the name of and The Naked & Famous. Imagine Dragons put on a great concert. Taiko drums too! Mongo round digital screen. T'was a lot of fun. Kyle enjoyed his first concert too (though Imagine Dragons would not have been his first choice)

Farmer's Market, Costco and Tokyo Fish Market shopping on Saturday with K. We also braved the crowds (last day of Chinese New Year) at East Ocean for a dim sum lunch. Yum!

Sunday, got a very early morning call from Joycie. "What are you up to?" she asked. I replied "I was asleep". She sent out an SOS, so I went over and helped her with the final prep of getting her house ready for company. She was a bit frantic. Her Wesley was coming home and bringing his soon to be spouse! She'd get to meet her soon to be son-in-law, Diogo. Yup, she was a bit frantic.

Much joy! Got to meet my new nephew and give hugs to my other nephew (aka da godson. According to Joycie, godparent to one, godparent to all. I'm officially one of her daughter's godmothers) Ack! Wesley is 6 feet, but Diogo is over 6'4"!)

Another trip to Costco for party stuff with Joycie and Joe Ann. Alani had a sleep over - she was feeling better, still a bit of a lingering head ache =( She introduced me to Attack on Titan and now I'm hooked.

Monday morning, we went to MacDonald's for pancakes and then off to Stoneridge Mall for a bit of shopping. She deperately wanted to use her Christmas gift certificate at Hot Topics. 4 t-shirts, a beanie, a sonic screw driver pen and a bit of this and that, and I had a very contented kidlet.

Monday afternoon, I took Kyle to Costco so he could pick up his Xbox One. He's been saving for a very long time and finally had enough. Yay! Another contented kidlet!

Monday evening, I went back over to Joycie's and she, Joe Ann and I decorated da house. Uh oh, no banners...

Tuesday! Wesley & Diogo's Wedding Day!

I played errand girl. Went to da cult gym. Go Me! Then I went over to pick up the Wedding Cake. Oy! I drove very, very carefully from Safeway back to Joycie's. Stopped by the party store & craft shop for stuff to make a banner or two. Calligraphy is not my thing, so I picked up some letters that connect together with fasteners and some glittery Styrofoam letters.

The glue stick is not good for the glittery letters. grrrrr. messy, messy, messy. Letters kept falling off. Next time, I'm using either plain old liquid glue or a hot glue gun.

Picked up balloons at 4:30pm. They were SUPPOSED to be ready at 4pm, but the shop hadn't even started on the order.

Wait, wait, wait. Next, picked up the Chinese food (rice, chow mein, broccoli beef). This was definitely going to be a mixed bag of foods, but it was comfort foods. The Mexican food (enchiladas, rice, beans) would be delivered at 5:30.

Joe Ann made pancit and lumpia. Fruit, salad, tea sandwiches, chips, guacamole, salsa, build your own nachos...

Wesley and Diogo were married at 2pm at City Hall in San Francisco and witnessed by Joyce, Ron, Joe Ann, Laura and Mike (? - who was taking pictures). Noah was their ring bearer.

Reception started at 6pm and the house was packed until after 10. Great turn out, especially on a week night! The cake was gently shared, no smashing cake in face. The grooms were dressed in suits with bow ties, white rose boutonnieres and matching Mickey Mouse Groom ears. Noah wore his Mickey Mouse ears during the ceremony =)
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