Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 31, 1983

* Athens - Hydra *

Overslept this morning!!! Woke up at 6:45 - the bus leaves at 7! Boy, Missy and I were having 10 thousand hissy fits!

At 8 am, we boarded a ferry to Hydra and we arrived around 11. We were met by Trudi, who 9 months out of the year, works in Urbana and does ISE stuff. In the 3 other months, she is the station manager of Hydra. Hydra is a sort of paradise. That's all there is to it. She gave us a short talk on Hydra and introduced us to Pan - he runs the unofficial ISE bar.

She took us to our hotel and got us all checked in. After getting a quick lunch of souvlaki wrapped in pita bread, we all go on the boat that would take us to Miramare beach, where all the Club Europa stuff is. Talk about a wonderful place. First rode in a paddle boat, then later a kayak. Spent the whole day on the water. Didn't get to ride the catamaran - already full and it was too late to take the boat out again.

Got royally sun burned on my shoulders and front thighs - OUCH! We got back to the hotel about 4:30, changed, then at 5:30 went for a donkey ride. Fun! The guy who was running the rides, Yani, was really cute - blond brown. He looked like a Greek version of Dennis Cole.

Dinner at 8. Had Greek salad, stuffed green peppers, spaghetti casserole, pizza and spice cake. Roll me out the door in a barrel!

Spent most of the time shopping. The neat thing about it was that most of the stores give discounts to all ISEers and some stores even had signs saying "ISE - 'this much'" discount out front. Went into one jewelry store which had my dolphin bracelet - the guy came out while we were outside looking and said he could give us a good deal and to come in. So we id and I bought my bracelet. I love it!

At 10pm, we went back to Pan's bar, where we had to sign our names in Greek and also be able to say "thank you" too in order to get a free drink. I had gotten one lady in the drug store to do mine and Yani too. John, Sue, Dee, Karen, Sharon & I went with Yani to a place where they played Greek music and some customers got up and did line dances. It was neat!
Tags: europe adventure

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