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July 30, 1983

* Athens *

City tour - Denise, our guide, took us on a tour of the Acropolis. The Parthenon is something to be seen. It seemed to strange to actually be in a place that I had read about in countless history books!

After the city tour, Denise took us to place where they sold gold and silver. Didn't buy anything. Trish bought a pretty silver necklace - a bird with an amethyst stone.

Trish, Sue, Sharon and I went shopping. We spent hours in the shops. Bought a coffee cup for Mom and a t-shirt for me. Saw a beautiful gold dolphin bracelet - I love it - too expensive.

We went to a Greek restaurant for lunch - had moussaki, a kind of eggplant lasagna, tsiziki (sp?), a dip made of yogurt and cucumbers (delicious!), domaldes, fried zucchini, cheese pie, chicken and rice, watermelon and baklava! Heaven. Ended up walking back to the hotel - a good 20 minute walk.

For dinner - to another Greek restaurant - had moussaki, Greek salad, souvlaki, and baklava. There was a band which played Greek music and two guy dancers who did the traditional line dances - Neat!

Also went to a disco across the street which had a garden terrace. All of us, just about, sat up there and talked unit it was time to back to the bus. Back at the hotel, we headed up to the bar and sat around and talked.
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