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July 29,1983

* Athens *

Was on the bus for 2 hours. Then we stopped at a private beach, had to pay 60 drs to get in, and swam for 4 hours. It was the first time I had to change into my suit on the bus. The day was so perfect - sunny, clear and with a little breeze. The Aegean sea is wonderful!

Back on the bus - drove to Athens. Our station manager, Claudio (Spanish)is real dream boat. Tall, brown hair, and eyes. Nice!

We went up to the hill near the Acropolis after dinner for The Sound and Light show. They told a story about one of the Marathon battles. It was okay.

  • One of the ladies decided to go topless, but was promptly told by Georg, that this was a family beach, so to dress accordingly
  • Claudio wore a pair of leather pants which then caused Sharon and Melissa determined to buy a pair for themselves asap *g*
Tags: europe adventure

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