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July 28, 1983

* Yugoslavia - Greece *

Bus day. Again! Drove from Yugoslavia to Greece. All I saw was rows upon rows of corn fields with, once in a while, flower gardens separating them.

Ah, in Greece. We arrived at our hotel around 9. Our hotel was situated on a cliff, so the rooms were on levels down the cliff. Right below the balcony, the owners had a huge garden. 15 minute walk down the hill - the Aegean Sea. 9:30 din din

After dinner, we took the bus down to the sea = 10:30! We all piled out of the bus and walked to the water. It was so strange. All the locals couldn't believe it! They stood on the sidewalk/embankment and watched us all undress, and lay out our towels - I mean there were at least 50 people just standing there! So Georg said for everyone to line up in a long arms over shoulders, buddy-buddy line. We all did, took our bows and on the count of 3 (eins, zwei, drei - soufra), ran into the sea! The water was fantastic! Cool and clear and salty? Swam for about an hour - the sky was so clear you could see a million stars!
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