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July 27, 1983

*Budapest - Belgrade*

Bus day. Had an hour wait at the Hungarian border and then another hour wait at the Yugoslavian border. Since they were less than 1,000 feet apart, it was really interesting.

Arrived in Belgrade around 6:30pm, then had a city tour of the fortress and the rest of the city. After a dinner of pork chops and hamburger, I went to bed. Everybody else went to the toga party on the third floor.

  • I remember that the tour was very pro-government
  • The place we stayed at was out in the boonies. The water only ran during certain hours in the evening. During dinner, some of us had to run back to our rooms to turn off water faucets
  • Most of the other tourists at the hotel spoke Russian. I remember exchanging "good evenings" in the elevator in Russian
  • Late that evening/early in the morning, Karen S., my roomie was delivered to my door totally blitzed. Unfortunately, she came back without her wallet, but we didn't find that out until morning
  • Georg called the elevators "elewaiters". He also referred to downtown as "town-town
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