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July 24, 1983

* Vienna *

City tour. Whoop doop. Felt so burned out this morning. (French bread and jam for breakfast. Ho hum...)

We had lunch in a nice restaurant. German pancakes with plums on them, cream of asparagus soup (fanastic!), lemon iced tea and vanilla/chocolate ice cream.

Saw two palaces - Belvedere in the morning and Schönbrunn in the afternoon. After the castle tour, went to Georg's house for a party. Met his Mom, Dad and older brother, Konrad. Stayed for four hours. I loved the bamboo chair hanging under the apple tree. There are 3 houses with a common back yard - all family owned. Even had a beautiful pool.

Melissa had enough of Larry - she got half way into the yard and screamed! Everyone turned to look.

Trish, Melissa, Annie (quad) and I went up the street to a Chinese restaurant for dinner. Delicious. Had won ton soup, egg roll, chicken with pineapple, sweet and sour chicken, almond duck, and mushrooms with seasoned vegetables.

Afterwards, called home. It was so fantastic to hear everyone's voices!!!!

Went to Sharon's room and talked. Oh well, laundry day tomorrow!

  • Seeing two palaces/museums in one day? After you've been to more palaces and museums than you'd been to in the last 10 years? I didn't appreciate them as much as I should have
  • Rice!!!
  • It cost $25 American to call home direct for 3 minutes. I missed my Mom. =)
  • There were two Anns on the trip, my pal Ann or Annie, and Annie, who was one of a group of 4 friends who decided to take the trip together (hence the term "quad")
  • Sleep? Who needs sleep?

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