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July 23, 1983

* Salzburg - Vienna *

Busy day! First off, went to Hallein to the salt mines. We put on white over clothes and rode a little train into the mine. Our tour guide gave us a lecture on how to make salt. Interesting. We rode 2 slides to get to the different levels - it was great!

We stopped by a roadside rest stop. There was a cafeteria style restaurant. Had a delicious plate of spaghetti and two iced tea/lemonades (not sure what it was). Then we went to Durnstein There is a ruined castle above the town. That is the place where Richard the Lionheart was held captive after the Crusades. We had wine in a little out door café that had grape trellises all around the tables. Then John, Sharon, Sue, Melissa, and I climbed the hill to castle - neat!

From Durnstein, we took a cruise down the Danube to Melk. The cruise was 2 1/2 hours long. Really relaxing!

From Melk, we drove to the Aggstein Castle ruins. There we had dinner: salad, Hungarian goulash and noodles. Carl, our guide, played songs - so we sang and danced. Did the duck dance twice! It was really beautiful up there! Full moon over the castle. Poor Sue, she got blitzed.

Two hour bus ride to Vienna. Finally, a room to myself - FANTASTIC!!!!

  • I think Dan and John raced up the hill to the Durnstein ruins
  • There was something very peaceful about watching the sun set and the moon rise over Aggstein Castle. There is an old Japanese tune about the moon rise over a castle that kept going through my mind while I was there.
  • After almost a month of being with people 24/7, I was truly elated about having a room to myself, where I could lock out the rest of the world.
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