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Family Vacation 2013

A week ago Friday, my sisters, da kidlets and I took our annual trip down south - to visit family and da mouse. 6:35 am departure time - trip was uneventful, lunch at Iron Skillet and arrival at Lorie's around 2:30. Relaxed and had dinner at Shaka's.

Saturday, went over to the LA Shoji's in Playa Del Rey. Sunday, did a little shopping and picked up lunch at Marukai, picked up lots of manju at Sakura ya. Brought it all over to Auntie Hey's. T'was just her and Robert, so it was a very low key visit - nice! Poor Auntie had fallen earlier in the week in the garden and had a huge bruise on her left cheek and a shiner. Ouch!

Sunday night, we checked into The Park Vue. Had dinner at Rainforest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Monday & Tuesday were spent in Disneyland. Monday, we made it to opening and managed to ride Space Mountain, Pirates, Splash Mountain, Astro Blasters, and Haunted Mansion, all by 10:30am - most of them were walk ons, very little waiting. After 11am, the park filled up and we had to wait 25 minutes for the Matterhorn. I do like the new cars for the Matterhorn - separate seats!

Took a break around 1pm for lunch at IHOP. Did a quick run into the restaurant next door to say "hi" to my "niece", Shawna, her hubby Jim, and kidlets: Emmett (3 1/2) and Sophia (who will be one on September 4th). Found out that they were in town via Facebook, and we ended up texting back and forth in order to meet up at some point. Also found out that my BFF, Sony, Dave and Thi would be coming down on Tuesday. (tried to meet up with them, but it didn't work out)

Went back to the park after a short break (Alani wanted to go back to the park as soon as lunch as over). Meet up with the LA Shoji's and their cousins from Idaho. T'was interesting traveling about the park in a group of 12. Closed the park with a last ride on Space Mountain.

Tuesday, we spent most of the day in California Adventure. Got fast passes for the World of Color and then went over to the new Cars Land. Waited in line for 80 minutes, being tortured with twangy, very nasal Country music, for the Radiator Spring Racers. It was a blast!

Met up with Shawna and family at Mimi's for lunch and a quick visit. They were having a relaxing day and would be going back to Disneyland with Sony & family on Wednesday. Emmett and Sophia are such cuties!

Kyle & I swam for a bit, with Alani just sticking her feet in. Then K & Kyle went back to California Adventure and Alani & I headed back to Disneyland. Rode Raiders, Pirates and Space Mountain again. Also, Jungle Cruise and the Tiki Room (still a favorite of Alani's).

Watched the 9pm performance of World of Color. We had managed to get a spot at the rope barrier and I was proud of the kidlets as they let a bunch of little kids stand in front of them. The show is different every year - I love watching it.

K & Kyle had eaten dinner at the Mexican Cantina, so Alani & I went over to McDonald's for dinner. We were all fried at that point, so we called it a day and went to bed.

Wednesday, we checked out of the hotel, had brunch at IHOP and then went shopping in Downtown Disney. Then we drove over to the Pam & Tetsuo's in Irvine. Met my cousin, Kevin's family for the first time: his wife Betty, Nikolas (11) and Daria (3 1/2 - and boy is she a little spitfire!). They live in Mexico City, but they come visit once or twice each year. Kim and her family came too - Maddie, Lizzie and Joe-Joe. Sy was there too. Nice visit.

Thursday, we left at 6:30am and managed to miss most of the traffic and construction woes. Brunch at Harris Ranch. Home by 2pm.

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