Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 22,1983

* Salzburg *

City tour. I think I am getting tired of them. Today, was good though - we saw some of the places where The Sound of Music was filmed. Saw the house - Leopoldskron. Walked into the gazebo and drove down the street where the trees were (kids were in the trees in the movie). Also the cemetery and the stones where the "hide" scene was filmed. Did some shopping both before and after lunch. Had a great lunch back at the hotel: chicken soup with a "rice" roll, fish, potato salad and yogurt.

Went to a bar not far from the hotel and tried currant wine and cherry wine. Tasty! Went up to the castle via a tram.

Saw a cello recital that night in the Mirabell Palace. Great! He played with such joy in his music!

  • The tour guide said that it was only the Americans & Canadians who wanted "The Sound of Music" tour. Other tour groups had no idea what the "big deal" was about it. We did sing on the steps in the Mirabell gardens, dance around the fountain in the town square, sang and danced in the gazebo. Also bought fruits in the farmers market in the town square. T'was fun
  • The bus broke down by Leopoldskron, so we peeked through the gates and danced down the lane while Peter fixed the problem
Tags: europe adventure

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