Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 21, 1983

* Munich - Salzburg *

Had our city tour, given by our station manager, Dieter. He was cute - blonde again. Gave us a lecture on the different types of architecture. Then we had two hours free. Climbed up clock/bell tower. Trillions of stairs, but the view was worth it. We went into a café (6th floor) and watch the Glockenspiel - a clock with life size puppets.

We then drove to the 1972 Olympiad center. It was neat to look at. Even saw the pool where Mark Spitz won his seven gold medals!

Next, we drove to Dachau concentration camp. Talk about disturbing. Saw a lot of things: cramped barracks, an exhibit of pictures and documents, the memorial which read "Never Again" in five languages (English, French, Spanish, German and Russian), a movie and a sculpture. I think out of all those things, the sculpture really brought the reality to me. It was a bronze/iron free form of skeletons, intertwined together. Karen and I walked down to see one of the memorials and on the way back, it finally dawned on me what it was.

We ended up at Peter's house in Hopgarten. Typical swiss chalet - beautiful. There was ice cream, cakes and drinks. We all relaxed in the backyard, sitting on the grass, munching. His two kids are so cute: Werner (6) and Angela (12).

Next, bus ride to Salzburg. After dinner, Sharon and I walked around and just talked. It was a beautiful night - really pleasant - cool.

  • That day was an emotional roller coaster
  • I was 11 at the time of the 1972 Olympics, and it was my first exposure to terrorism. I remember all the joy and then all the horror and sorrow - of listening to Jim McKay's coverage of the massacre
  • Sharon was determined to go to the crematoriums; I could not go there
  • 36 people invaded Peter's house. I think he did that for most of the tours he drove for
Tags: europe adventure

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