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July 18, 1983

* Berlin *

We had our usual city tour. Our guide, Tilly, was a real crack up. She really wanted us to understand the differences between East and West Germany. It was really freaky to see that huge cement wall dividing the city. Very sobering. She pointed out all the gun towers - they were everywhere. She told us how the wall suddenly came into being on an early Sunday morning - first a human wall of guards, then wood and finally cement. She only lived ten minutes away from her parents and siblings, but they were on one side, she on the other. She didn't see them for over ten years!

She also told us what it was to be totally hypnotized by Hitler's charisma. He was such a "hero". It wasn't until the war's end when she learned the truth. She says from 11 to 14, she lost part of her life - she really believed in Hitler.

In the afternoon, Sharon, Karen, Melissa and I went to the Europe Center (mall) and shopped. Picked up Doll Bath Hummel for Lisa and a bear for me. We ate at, of all places, McDonald's. I had a Big Mac, fries and a chocolate shake. Delicious!

We went to the Kudorf - an underground "mall" of bars. It was pretty good. There was a lot of American rock blaring through the speakers. Had a raspberry beer - raspberry syrup mixed with a light colored wheat beer. Good stuff. Sharon, Karen, Susan, Dan & I left there at about 10:30. It was pouring rain - in other words, got totally soaked. Went up to Sue's room - talked for about half an hour.

  • Tilly referred to East German money as "boo boo shit money". She also said that one thing she had to buy for her family was toilet paper. The West German TP was MUCH softer.
  • I remember also having a lime beer.
  • I had a list of things to bring home for friends - Lisa had been trying to get the Doll Bath figurine for years
  • The bear I bought? Stieff

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