Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 17, 1983

* Copenhagen - Berlin *

Bus day... me really tired of these.

Stopped for lunch. Dee thought she'd ordered a hamburger, but she got a salad from Hamburg. Gross stuff.

The East German border was a real eye opener. Georg said unless we wanted to sit at the border for 3-6 hours, we had to behave ourselves. Sit up straight, no sunglasses, no laughing, no beer or soda tins. It was really freaky! We got to the border and they looked us over - that's all and checked our passports. Georg said it was the fastest he'd ever gotten through - 30 minutes.

We took a potty stop, unfortunately at the wrong place. Back on the bus, and all our passports were checked.

It is such a contrast. Driving along the beautiful German countryside, then seeing barb wire fences, light towers/gun towers - all those things you read about in spy novels.
Tags: europe adventure

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