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July 14, 1983

* Oslo - Stockholm*

Bus again! All day. Ugh. We stopped at a beach mid-afternoon. I've got a humdinger of a cold, so I didn't swim.

It was a fun hour. did a little bit of wading. Peter decided that I wasn't getting wet enough so he splashed me. Dan was acting crazy. He was standing on his head and throwing pine cones with his toes at Trish. Burt & Steve both raced for a thrown Frisbee - it went in the water and they both dived for it - both missed - belly flops!

At Stockholm - Swedish meat balls and potatoes for dinner. Yum Yum?

  • We often changed in and out of our swim suits on the bus. Got very good at changing clothes under towels and t-shirts.
  • I believe I wrote Mom a letter while we were on that beach
  • Books were shared on bus days because there's only so much scenery one can stare at mile after mile
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