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July 13, 1983

* Oslo *

Oslo! After disembarking from the boat, we went for a four hour city tour. Our guide had never given a tour in English, so she kept forgetting words. She was normally a German guide. We spent some time in a "People Park". It was really neat! Sculptures of the circle of life, death, childhood to adulthood. I wish I could have bought a book on it.

After checking into our hotel, everybody hiked up to the lake. Spent the whole afternoon swimming and sunning. Melissa & Trish tried topless bathing, but I'm too conservative. Trish, Susan & I walked around the lake. Beautiful. We met some punk rockers along the way. They asked for a light. One guy had not zipped up his fly, so he was all over the place. Embarrassing.

That night, we all went back to the lake for a sing-a-long. Two guys who worked at the hotel brought their guitars. Only problem was nobody could remember the words to songs!

  • Forgot to change money on the ship, so had no money to spend once we got to Oslo.
  • Our hotel was way out in the middle of nowhere
  • Going topless was very popular in Europe
  • This was first time I've ever seen anybody get hit by bird poop while sunbathing. Poor DeeAnne
Tags: europe adventure

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