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July 12, 1983

* Copenhagen - Onboard Kong Olav V to Oslo *

Ann, Sharon, Karen, Melissa and I took the train up to see The Little Mermaid. Sharon caught a 24 hour bug, so she was nauseous - just miserable.

We laid down on the grass by the statue and had a pleasant morning/afternoon. Then we walked down to the ship: Kong Olav V.

We stuck our feet in a fountain - felt so good!

Met just about everybody else in front of the boat. We all sat in a nearby park and talked, drank and sunned ourselves.

Our cabin aboard ship was very compact - 2 bunk beds, 4 feet apart. Curtains could be drawn to separate each bunk. Each bed had its own light. We had a porthole from which we could watch the ocean.

After a chicken dinner, took a nap. Before dinner, had watched the coastline slowly disappear on the horizon.

The band was lousy, so at 11pm, I went back to sleep.
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