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July 11, 1983

* Copenhagen *

Screwy day. Spent most of the day wandering around the pedestrian street waiting for my American Express card to be processed. The computers were down in Stockholm. Bummer. Saw a young Japanese couple with a small girl - so cute. I told the mother that her daughter was "kawai-desu". Father asked me "Nihonjin desu?" I answered "American-desu".

We went to the Hotel Scandanavia for a Smogasbord dinner. Yummy!!! All kinds of herring, meats, cheeses, salads and of course, deserts.

Trish, Mike (blond), Kim and I were the only ones who stayed in the 25th floor bar - what a fantastic view of Copenhagen! The bus left without us, so we walked back.

Everyone except Susan, Ann and I went to the corner bar for a drink. I zonked.

  • Unfortunately, I hadn't used my American Express card in Europe, so I didn't have a receipt with a facsimile of my card. If I had one, then even with the computers being down, I could have gotten a reissued card immediately
  • Saw the Japanese couple in the American Express Office - the man's wallet had either been stolen or lost. He had to report the loss of the card/travelers' cheques(?) in English
  • Because I was busy with getting a replacement Amex card, I missed the bike tour of Copenhagen
  • I had my first taste of Grand Marnier - Mike ordered it and let the rest of us try it
  • There were two Mikes on the trip - one blonde haired, one brown haired

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