Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 10, 1983

* Schapdetten - Copenhagen *

Scrambled eggs for breakfast! Oh joy, not only rolls, but eggs! Traveling again. Long ride to Wonderful Copenhagen!

Guess what - our hotel is smack in the middle of the red light district! Hookers on every street corner. There is a porno shop two stories below the bedroom window.

Went to Tivoli Gardens. It's only five minutes away by foot. Rode on a great ride - looks like a Viking ship/teeter-totter. The thing rocks back and forth, and then goes over - turns over. Neat! Watched a fireworks display. Someone screwed up. A tree caught fire.

  • It was such a treat to have a HOT breakfast
  • I still ride the Viking Ship ride at Great America - it used to be called The Revolution, but with the park's change in ownership, it's now the H.M.B. Endeavor
  • Kathy, one of the Canadians, reported that she'd been propositioned outside the hotel - asked "how much she cost?"
Tags: europe adventure

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