Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 7, 1983

* Paris *

It was one of those days. Horrible sometimes, but beautiful at others.

We went to Versailles. Never did get into the building. The gardens are so beautiful! Peaceful - no hustle bustle. We walked down shaded dirt paths - birds sang, it was cool, quiet. Wow! Needed something like that. Like stepping off life's "hurry" train. (gardens: Dan, Sharon, Anne, John, Melissa, Karen)

We went shopping. Had crepes for lunch. Coming home (Trish, Melissa and I), as we were getting on the Metro, I got pushed. They stole my wallet! It's such a helpless violated, mad feeling. What do you do? I could feel it happen, but couldn't prevent. There were so many people - nobody did anything. Didn't know what to do. Trish managed to get a girl's coat. Whether it was the one who did it or not - who knows?

Went back to the hotel and talked to the co-station manager, Stephan. Cancelled my cards (forgot about the travelers checks). Had to file a report at the police station. Funny - the policemen barely spoke any English and my French ain't too great.

Went to an itty bitty restaurant for our "baby bottle" dinner. Spilled a bunch on me. DeeAnne dumped her water all over my lap. We had a great time. The accordion player played song we knew! Somewhere My Love, When the Saints Go Marching In (on?). Sang along, clapped. etc.

Walked up 10 trillion steps to Montmatre. The Sacre Coeur is such a peaceful church. Wandered around with Sharon, Karen and John.

Then we went to the Seine. Rode on a Bateaux Mouches. Fun! Sat next to Dan & John... not bad... Laughed, laughed and laughed. We went under a low bridge and Dan, with a simpering/air head look snuggles up to me and remarks "how romantic". It was so funny!!!

Paris by night! Now that's Paris. Before it didn't feel like Paris.

  • You can tell you're not from Alameda if you pronounce Versailles correctly. Alamedans say "Ver-sales". I learned it first in Oakland as "Ver-sigh"
  • Versailles was totally packed the day we went and we had a very limited time there and the lines to get into the palace were too long to wait. John & I tried to sneak in via another door, but can I say being Asian, kind of stuck out. He might have had better luck on his own
  • My spider sense was tingling at the Metro station, but I didn't know how to interpret it. I saw the two women - teens - watching us
  • The baby bottle dinner? The bottles were filled with RED WINE. My bottle's nipple leaked
Tags: europe adventure

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