Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 6, 1983

* Paris *

Went on a city tour of Paris. Afterwards, had lunch in a café by the Louvre. Spent two hours in the Louvre - saw the Mona Lisa Whoop de doop. I was burned out. Came back to the hotel and zonked. That night went to The Folies Bergere. There was one beautiful ballet/dance with a woman who falls in love with a statue, one full moon night. The statue comes to life and they do a beautiful pas de deux.

Went to the corner bar and had ham and cheese crepes and wine. Nice.

All my life, I'd heard about the Mona Lisa. It was sort of a let down to finally see the very SMALL painting - plus we had to stand a bit far away to view it.

I was a bit scandalized to see that the two dancers were NOT wearing very much at all.
Tags: europe adventure

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