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July 5, 1983

* Amsterdam - Brussels - Paris *
5:30am Augh!!! My "lovely" clock gives its rendition of Mozart's whatever. We went to the city of Brussels - it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium. How I loved to say it.

Saw a lot of statues of a little boy peeing. There is a fountain with the boy peeing. He's been doing that for 400 years. Story goes that somebody set off a bomb - fuse was lit - boy saved the town by putting it out - guess how? Bought some lace at the lace factory - use the two smaller pieces for my doll house.

On the way to Paris...
Paris at last - in pouring rain and a traffic jam! Had a half way decent dinner in the hotel cafeteria: salty ham with a nice sauce, tomato I think, saffron rice - yum! Fruit cocktail and carrot salad and a coke - good stuff. Our hotel is really nice! A shower, toilet & four sinks. Sharon, Karen, Melissa, Trish, Ann and I are all sharing a room.

God, the bathroom looks like a cyclone hit it! Clothes lines strung across the pipes. Well, laundry for six people does amount to a lot of stuff! Clothes everywhere! It's a maze to get to the toilet or shower!

In Brussels, in the main square, I hit the Godiva store. Now-a-days, you can find Godiva in the nicer department stores and even Barnes & Noble. Back then? Only the more upscale stores had them and it was very expensive. I was all excited and picked up TWO pounds of chocolates for a lot less than I could get it in the states. Afterwards, as the trip progressed, I figured out there was no way in hell that I could keep the chocolates from melting for two months, so I passed the box around the bus and we ate them all.

I also ate French fries with mayonnaise - t'was weird...

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