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Midwest Bowercon - Part IV

Monday was interesting.
Midmorning, I got a text from Southwest saying that our evening flight out of Indy was going to be very delayed. Like in, there's no way in hell that we'd make our connecting flight in Denver. Called Southwest - we could not rebook on another flight to any bay area airports that day - all sold out. Things were a mess, especially in the Bay Area because of the Asiana crash at SFO. (only 1 runway was open in SFO until about a week later) So, ended up rebooking the flight for Tuesday instead. (Tammy got stuck with us for one more night)

Yakked with Diney, Kev and Christopher until they all got into their cars for the drive home. *sniff* Plans were made to meet up at OVFF...

Dinner at The Black Swan with Tammy & Dan. Food sounded better than it actually was.

Tuesday - was the all day, LONG VOYAGE home. We had a 9am flight, so Tammy dropped us off at the airport on the way to work. *sniff* Because we had rebooked, we were stuck in group C - aka "stuck in the center seat" group. There were delays all through the system, due to the crash and closure of SFO runways. Planes were being held at gates in airports you wouldn't expect (like Salt Lake City), in order to accommodate the closure.

Phoenix. We spent much time in Phoenix. Our connecting flight to SFO was held in Salt Lake City. First, we had a scheduled two hour lay over. Then, on top of that, we had an almost 3 hour delay. I used the time to get my walkies in - it took about an hour to walk the entire terminal. We finally boarded around 3pm, but had to wait (in the plane, but away from the gate) for 40 minutes before we were given the okay to take off.

We landed in SFO on the runway parallel to the crash - it was very eerie? disturbing? to see the wreckage - nothing had been cleared yet - debris all over the place.

Did not have to pay for an extra day of parking. Yay! Dropped Sean off and I was home by 8pm. ZONK.

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