Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 4, 1983

* Amsterdam *

Breakfast consisting of 1 piece wheat bread, 2 stale white bread, piece of meat, piece of cheese. Orange juice is one gulden. Delicious?

Saw a diamond cutting demonstration. Neat! They took out a bunch of rings, earrings, etc let us try them on. Melissa and Sharon bought a ring each! We saw a very touristy cheese making demonstration - bought 3 types: Rosemary, garlic and Gouda. Tried first and last - delicious! Saw the garlic one being made. Also saw a wooden shoe demonstration. The way he did it - Neat!! Bought a pair for Laura - had her name engraved on it. We also stopped in a little town called Volendam - sea coast.

Had lunch back at the hotel - split pea soup with ham (delicious) and fish & chips (could have done without)

Went to Anne Frank House Museum. God, it was so depressing. I mean it was really neat and all, but it was such a shame!!! She had so much to give, so optimistic, it hurs to think that all her dreams ended at a concentration camp from typhus. (DeeAnne, Susan, Sharon, Melissa, Trish, Dan, Ann, John, Steve, Burt, Karen, me)

Sharon and I went looking for her mother's delft pattern. I think my feet died. We went out for a rice dinner at a Chinese-Indonesian restaurant. It was such a mess - got our wires crossed and Ann missed the bus. She did meet us at the restaurant. Went for what should have been a neat ride on the canals, but was a total disappointment. There were two ISE groups - other looked like high school: freshmen and sophs maybe. YOUNG - acted young - they along with some of our younger members talked while the guide talked - how rude. Boy was she (the guide) pissed. I don't blame her. They were totally rowdy!

Georg took us for a walk (?) to the Red Light District. Interesting? "Ladies" in chemises standing/sitting in windows - not my cup of tea...

There was a party downstairs (at the hotel) - Happy 4th of July - free beer, soda and cake. I was too zonked to go. Went to bed.

  • I think Sharon's ring had sapphires and diamonds
  • I carted that cheese all across Europe. I did manage to get it home. Can't remember if we actually ate it
  • After visiting Anne Frank's house - we all sat outside on the curb - most of us in tears - and we spent a good chunk of time talking about her, her diary
  • Annie had to take a taxi to get to the rice table restaurant
  • After all these years, I still can see the boat guide's expression as she tried to give her talk over the noise
  • There were actually red lights outside of the windows in the Red Light District

Tags: europe adventure

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