Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 3, 1983

* Woking - Brugge - Amsterdam *

Had to be at the bus stop at 6:15 this morning - bummer - the bus was there. Rode the bus to Dover. We didn't even get to stop at Canterbury - DRAT! Took the ferry from Dover to Calais. It was like riding a ghost ship - the fog surrounded us in an eerie white pocket.

There was an ISE person at the end of the landing bridge - I don't believe it! Something finally went as planned! Our bus driver's name is Peter & and tour guide is Georg - tall, blond cute Austrian - a law student at that. Hmmm. 23 years old.

The bus took us to Brugge, Belgium for a break. Not enough time to look around. No shops were open to buy post cards - rats.

Saw a windmill - in fact saw four of them on the road to Amsterdam. They seem to be a disappearing commodity. Hmmm... what would Holland be without windmills?

Ann, Melissa and I are sharing a room that has 3 cots. We share the shower with the people next door. We couldn't get into our room - keys wouldn't even fit into the lock. The fire escape stair is right outside our window, Melissa climbed through, but she was unable to open the door - dead bolt type.

We had our Welcome to Europe din-din: Steaks, chicken and sausage - salads and strawberries. After dinner, a bunch of us went down to a near by square that is surrounded on 3 sides by bars and discos! The square was lit up by lights - Xmas tree lights strung all around! I love Amsterdam - beautiful!! Took a walk around the canals - in a big group. Locals must have thought they were being invaded!!! (DeeAnne, Ann, John, Susan, Sharon, Karen, Karen, Kim, Trish, Melissa, Dan and me)
Tags: europe adventure

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