Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Midwest BowerCon - Part II

Friday, there was brunch at The Tamale Place. Yay for a pork tamale in green sauce, rice, chips and lots of salsa and cilantro!

Then it was off to an introductory 3 hour lamp work class at Indy Flame Art with Lisa. Tammy had taken me, Kev, Christopher and Mishi for a class years ago. Out of the four of us, only Kev has kept it up (Oy! You should see the beads that Tammy and Kev make!!!!). Kev & Tammy did their own thing while Christopher, Sean and I played with fire and glass. Diney watched and took pictures. I can't wait to see how many beads actually came out this time. Last time, because I was efficient at breaking the non-stick coat on the mandrels? I only had 3 beads actually survive. We got to do beads with sparkly stuff and then encase them in clear glass. Shiny!

Dinner at Chatham Tap. Sean & I split a pesto sarnie (Pesto, sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, and spinach on a garlic grilled ciabatta square.) and an Englishman in Italy sarnie (Pepperoni, salami, and cappicola ham with mozzarella, salad mix, Italian dressing, garlic mayo on parisien bread.). There were deep fried pickles & Portobello mushrooms and nachos too. I think there was a salad in there too.

I was brave. I did a 40 minute walk from Tammy's house to the end of the road and back again - in the evening heat and HUMIDITY. Along the way, passed barking dogs, crossed a bridge over a stream, passed a field of soy beans, a field with cows and two horses and donkey. This would become a familiar sight as I did this walk at least once a day, sometimes twice each day I was in Indy.

Back to the house to much yakking and Mango Blackberry Ginger Trifle! Yum. We also played the insanity which is Cards Against Humanity. May I say that my education has been expanded again? Probably NOT in a good way either.
Tags: bower, friends, midwest bowercon

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