Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Sean's Surprise Birthday or Midwest BowerCon 3 - Part I

So for the past few months, I've been planning herefox's 40th birthday trip. I promised him we'd go to Las Vegas and see a Cirque Du Soleil show that he's been wanting to see and something else (evil dead?).

This has been a total lie. We'd been flying through Las Vegas, but our ultimate destination was Midwest BowerCon 3. (aka tammy_g's place in Danville, IN)

It was a secret until we checked our bags at the airport and the clerk said "2 bags for Indianapolis!!!!". Oh well. Sean didn't kill me. I mean, he knows me, and he knew something was up, but he probably thought it would happen in Vegas. Ooopsy!

Leena had hoped to join us in Vegas and fly to Indy with us, but work got in the way. Rats!

Flew across country with no problems, arrived in Indy a little after 11pm. We were met at the airport by tammy_g, undinesprite, pezazul and clsinstl!!!
Late dinner at Steak N Shake - well, once we all managed to get to the same one. Tammy, Diney & Sean went to the one in Plainfield. Kev, Christopher & I went to the one in Avon. Tammy & company ended up coming to the one in Avon. Lots of yakking (well, who needs sleep?) back at Tammy's.
Tags: bower, friends, midwest bowercon

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