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Stuff I've been meaning to post about...

Alani graduated from Otis Elementary School. Big bad 5th grader is now back to the bottom of the ladder and will be starting Lincoln Middle School as a 6th grader in September.

Kyle graduated from Lincoln Middle School. He'll be going to Alameda High School (ACKKKKKKKK!) in the fall. He has already been warned not to buy a pass to either the elevator or the pool on top of the school. (I had a friend who allegedly did both).

Congratulations to the kidlets!!!!

ame_chan was up for a photo shoot and stayed at my "new" place for the weekend (I've been here almost 7 years). herefox came up to visit too, so there was much yakking, book geeking, Zachary's pizza and wine. Exciting news! She will be moving to the Sonora area (3 hours closer) in August to be closer to her Mom's.
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