Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 2, 1983

London, England

Boy, what a mess!!! We barely made it on time to the bus - in fact we were 15 minutes late. Nobody could get moving - bed was nice, warm and extremely comfortable! Well, it didn't matter anyway - bus never showed up. We waited two hours!!! It wasn't really cold, but the wind was blowing rather strongly. Poor Kim looked like she was freezing or shivering to death! Anyway, so everybody, after telephoning - no answers at ISE, just decided to on their own. About half of us decided to go to Hampton Court. We had a grouchy clerk at Woking train station. Anyway, finally made it to Hampton Court after one transfer. DeeAnne lost her camera. Bummer! (me, Karen, Sharon, Trish, Melissa, Ann, John, Dan, Yale, Larry, Steve, quads, Karen, Kim DeeAnne and Susan)

Looked around at Court. God, talk about fantastic! The building was humongous and the grounds - gorgeous!!! Went through the maze made out of shrubs - Neat!

Decided to go to Windsor Castle after all. (quads, Karne, Sharon, Trish, Melissa, Dan, DeeAnne, Susan, Steve and I) Bus took over an hour to get there!

Once we got there, the group broke up/got separated (who knows?) Anyway, I ended up with Sharon, Melissa, Karen and Dan. Windsor Castle is just so hard to describe - it's like a fairy tale castle. It's so huge - I wanted to see Queen Mary's Doll House, but didn't have enough time. Bummer.

We took a train back to Woking. Managed to get to the car park only 15 minutes late. Found out the reason why there had been no bus this morning - driver overslept.

We had pork chops and potatoes for din din. Ice cream and strawberries for desert (sic) - delicious!

  • I think I went over board in the usage of exclamation marks back then.
  • Hmmm, used "looked around" a lot
  • Part of the tour package was a trip to Hampton Court and Windsor Castle
  • My Mom laughed while reading my letters and this journal because I spelled "dessert" with one "s" instead of two.

Tags: europe adventure

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