Debbie (debmats) wrote,

July 1, 1983

London, England

Went to Stratford-upon-Avon today. Saw Anne Hathaway's cottage (she became Shakespeare's wife). In Stratford, I got separated from the group (Sharon, Karen, DeeAnne, Susan & Melissa). Ended up wandering about on my own. Did a lot of window shopping.

Met my English family after going to Banbury (George, our tour guide, explained about the nursery rhyme of the same name).

Picked up by Ann & her friend Maureen, They took us to the neighborhood pub that they belonged to and treated us to drinks.

Melissa, Ann and I are staying with a couple - Ann & John (live in boy friend) and Ann's son Dean (9 years old) in Wroxton. A little French boy, Alban, is also staying.

We sat around after a dinner of fish and chips (delicious and not greasy at all!) and talked. Did a little bit of jump roping & played some badminton before dinner.

We slept in a small bedroom - a bunk bed and a twin. Melissa had the twin and I had the top bunk, Ann, the bottom. Ann got paranoid about being in the bottom, so we switched. Comfortable at last, two pillows and a goose down comforter.

  • Because I got lost, I did not make it down to river or the bridge or see the swans. That had to wait until I returned to Stratford in 2004. Poor Kev, he must have wondered WHY I had to make it to the bridge this time.
Tags: europe adventure

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