Debbie (debmats) wrote,

June 30, 1983

* London, England *
Went to the Tower of London today with Trish & Sharon. Big place! I always thought the Tower was just a round brick tower. It turns out to be a huge fortress!

We were late, so we took a taxi to the British Museum. We were supposed to have met DeeAnne, Susan & Melissa, but we were too late. I didn't want to see the museum, so I went book shopping.

I took the subway from Foyles Book Store to Harrod's. We (Trish, Melissa, Sharon, me) were all going to meet for tea. We never found DeeAnne or Susan. So had afternoon tea consisting of finger sandwiches and pastries! (3.95 pounds)

Melissa's parents came over and took her to din-din. Ann & I went across the street for pizza.


  • Those London black taxis? They were scary - drivers drove insanely. Of course, I was still getting used to the traffic on the wrong side of the road and all.
  • As this was way before the internet, it was a bit scary to figure out how to get from the museum to the book store by subway, and then find the book store
  • This day was the only day that I'd have "free time", so I skipped the museum to hit the book store. There were books I wanted that just weren't available at home. I managed to get all the Dick Francis books that I didn't own. Score!
  • Melissa's parents had flown from San Francisco and were on their way to Ireland!
Tags: europe adventure

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