Debbie (debmats) wrote,

June 29, 1983

* London, England *
Went down to Greenwich today. (Ann, John, Dan, Sharon, Karen, Melissa, Trish, me) Took a little cruise on the Greenwich Pleasure Cruise (round trip 2.30) Took the subway! After arrival at Greenwich, took a look around the Cutty Sark. An old man was giving lectures, telling stories on how it used to be. Really interesting. Stayed on board for two hours just listening to him. He let us maneuver some of the masts by pulling ropes - Neat!

Meanwhile, lost Karen, Sharon and Melissa - did not find them until that night. Those of use left ate meat pasties at the little café. Had a chicken pie, mashed potatoes and gravy and a pepsi for 1.20 - well worth it.

After lunch, went up to the British Maritine Museum. Real neat - group split up again. Trish & I wondered around the museum, then up to the Observatory (Prime Meridian). Neat!

Met up with Dan and the Moore's - we walked together to the dock. Caught the boat back, and then subway.

We barely made it to the theatre - late as usual. Nobody could get up any enthusiasm. We got kicked off one subway. A man told us that the last time they kicked everybody off was because there was a fire. Arrived via the next train, but we were 10 minutes late. The show was okay, the music was good, but I was just too tired to appreciate it. Plus the problem with the people in front of us - the little boy kept leaning forward and nobody could see anything behind him. His mother was a bitch. We politely asked him to sit back so others could see. She just went on about the rail was in the way. I could understand that, but she didn't have to nastily yell back at us about the whole thing. Ended up the boy and his mother switched seats. I mean him leaning forward wasn't bad, but when he leaned over the railing and read his program, it was. Oh well.

We went to a little Italian place down the street and I had a combination pizza and coke, with spumoni for dessert - good!
Tags: europe adventure

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