Debbie (debmats) wrote,

June 28, 1983

* London, England *
Got up at 7:30 - had a nice HOT shower! We went down to the basement to have our "delicious breakfast" of two rolls plus orange juice (an extra 40 pence). Then, looked the area over, but we were back at the hotel by 11am cuz Wolfgang (our "station master") was going to give info on our trip, etc.

Goofed off until 1 - had a city tour. Guide let us off at Picadilly circus. We decided to see a play because we had free ticket vouchers. (since we weren't going to see Mousetrap - they no longer wanted any group's business). Evita was full, so we bought tickets for the next night and then we went looking for another show to see. Ended up eating at a place called Strikes.

We saw a play called "Another Country" - dealt with being gay and communist. Tried to get deep at times though. (Sharon, DeeAnne, Karen, Susan, Melissa, me)

After the play, we took a tax home (2.90). Sat around in the lobby/bar and talked until 1.


I went to the room, washed some clothes, sat on toilet (lid closed) & wrote in journal.

Notes: Another Country starred a very young Colin Firth as Guy Bennett. Had no idea who Guy Burgess was or anything about the spy scandal.
Strikes advertised they served "ICE COLD MILK". According to Sue, it was warm
Station Master had said our luggage would get there that day because otherwise the airline would have to pay us $200 each for the inconvenience.
Tags: europe adventure

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