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Going to the Chapel...

Growing up, "Going to the Chapel" meant bringing flowers to grandpa and grandma. It meant going to the Chapel of Chimes in Oakland, with flowers and saying "hi" to them and a brief prayer. I never met my grandma, she died 13 years before I was born. I have very few memories of my grandpa, the one most vivid is of running through his house to the his room to say "hi". He was sick - dying of what I now know was lung cancer. He died when I was three.

Dad would take us kids to the chapel - Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, their birthdays and their meinichi (date of death). Sometimes, just because.

As time went by, I would stop by to say "hi" to Uncle Stan too. Then it was to say "hi" to Dad. Now, I say "hi" to Auntie Jean, Auntie Haru & Uncle Ruzzy and Mom. Somewhere in the maze that is the Chapel, my friend Jenny is there too.

Yesterday, K, Alani & I went to chapel. Mom's birthday, Dad's birthday, Mother's Day, and especially for Mom's meinichi. Conversations in my head "Mom & Dad, see your beautiful granddaughter"

18 years ago today, I held Mom while she died. I miss her.
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