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Relay for Life 2013

D*mn it! I just found out that yet another dear friend's hubby has cancer. Not sure what the extent is, but the biopsy came back with cancer in a lymph node. Have no other info yet.

My cousin S was going to walk with us, but she ended up having her breast reconstruction surgery done the previous Monday.


We ended up taking two cars this year because we had sooo much stuff. Camping stuff. Food stuff. Lucked out with parking spaces directly across the street from the Brewster Street entrance. YAY! Lugged in two tents, 4 sleeping bags, mats, pillows, beach chairs, folding table, memory boards, 4 cases of water, a case of DP, munchies and three igloos. (ice chests if you're Mat)

JP had gotten our spots (two camp spaces, side by side) for Team Redwood City & TAB and his family's team, so we were good to go. Opening ceremony at 10 sharp. Onika, a cancer survivor from Park & Rec, walked the first hour.

Snow cones! Face Painting! And at 3pm - Tatsumaki Taiko!!!

K had made dinner for the hungry drummers - inari, chicken teriyaki, flank steak, tortellini salad, fruits and other munchies. Nothing much left over once the teens got through it!

Got a chance to talk to Faith and Denise Sullivan! I haven't seen Denise since just after she retired about 5 years ago! Also had a chance to visit with Debi Jones-Thomas. She's doing well! The last time I'd seen her was while she was going through her second chemo treatment.

Guilty pleasure for dinner - a grilled hot dog - Firefighters were cooking as usual. Hamburgers, grilled chicken and hot dogs.

Luminaria Ceremony was emotional as usual. This year, the survivor lap was led by a bagpiper who played Amazing Grace. Lovely.

Walked when needed. The teens heroically covered most of the night shifts. I love walking late, reading the luminarias, thinking, remembering. Saying "hi" to Mom and other loved ones as I pass their luminarias.

Did have to "advise" some of the teens that after midnight that if they weren't walking and under 18, they had to be in "camp" (they were hanging out at the stage). They're great kids. Finally, around 2am, made my kidlets go to sleep! (not easy. They wanted to stay up all night with the teens!)

Woke up to the sounds of somebody having a seizure. Heard K comment that "he's breathing, he's safe and just let him be". OY... Paramedics came (and there was immediate help by an off duty ff who was getting stuff set up for the pancake breakfast). The kid, B, was taken to Stanford and he was fine (he went to the beach later that day). Found out later that he had a history of seizures, but nobody knew about it. TAB (teen advisory board) is made up of kids from all the area high schools, so it could be that B's close friends knew about his health issues, but nobody from TAB did. Well, now we all know. Scary. My coworker, whose teenage daughter had epilepsy, told me that one of the triggers is no sleep, over tiredness.

Packed up the camp. Closing ceremony. Awards. K won top individual fundraiser!!!

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