Debbie (debmats) wrote,

Relay for Life 2013 - PREP!!! (nothing like waiting until the last minute and all...)

Relay for Life is Saturday. Shout outs to maiac, lilacfairy, swedishsis, ellayn, greenmtnboy18 and pezazul! Thank you!!!

K, the organized sister, has been fund raising since January. She has now raised over 5K (GO Karen!) Me, I'm just trying to hit my goal. If you can help, donations can still be made here!

This year, we are again a combined Team Redwood City & TAB team. TAB is the Teen Authority Board and they're an awesome bunch of kids. Lots of energy (especially good for walking all night long!!!) Da family will have TWO tents up this year. The kidlets are growing - Kyle is now taller than everybody and Alani is not far behind.

Things to do/bring/etc

  • diet pepsi

  • water

  • munchies

  • book or two

  • tents and tarp

  • hammer

  • sleeping bag and mat

  • pillows

  • beach chairs

  • IPOD

  • Camera

  • advil

  • band aids & mole skin thingys

  • thick, no slip socks

  • extra pair of shoes

  • sunscreen

  • MEDS!

  • igloo

  • lantern

  • flashlights

  • Mom's & K's luminarias

  • other luminarias

  • luminaria sheet and check

  • Memory board

  • construction paper, scissors, tape, glue, crayons, pens, markers

  • origami paper

  • bells

  • fishline

  • ribbon

Tags: family, relay for life, work

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