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Jersey Boys and Other Stuff

I went to the Cult Gym 11 times in the month of March. I finally "officially" have clocked 500 work outs! Go Me!

My knees are aching tonight. I think I over did it on the leg lift apparatus and then there was much walking and stairs today.

Met Faith at Starbucks at the Powell Street BART station. Bad news. Her dad had passed away on Thursday at the age 101. Good, long life and he had passed away in his sleep. She & Paul would be flying to the Phillippines on Wednesday for the funeral. Her family is from a little island which is 4 hours by boat from Cebu, so it takes about 2 days to get there.

We had lunch at M.Y. China. The bok choy was very tasty as were the 5 spice ribs! The pork & crab shu mai and shrimp and avocado spring rolls were good too.

Then we spent a bit of time in Bloomingdale's at the Nespresso counter, so Faith could taste a few coffees. She'd recently splurged and bought a Nespresso espresso maker and wanted to expand her coffee collection. Oh, and her new favorite coffee drink? Hazelnut Machiatto. Laure & I used to laugh at her old favorite - Grande nonfat latte with a quarter inch of chocolate powder on top.

Jersey Boys!!!! All I knew about the show was that it was about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I had a blast! The music was great - I had to be very good and sing under my breath, because really - it was just one of those shows where you just want to sing a long - very loudly!

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