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It's a blur, as usual =)

Picked up herefox and had lunch at Hobee's. Blueberry Coffeecake!!!
Then drove over to The Crowne Plaza, checked in and then hit Michael's for a book on loom knitting (I had the looms, but no instructions) and some yarn. Pretty yarn.

We had dinner at Mayflower with trektone, Kathleen Sloan and Downtown Freddy Brown. Hot & Sour Soup, spicy prawns, a "not quite what I wanted" minced pork with tofu and salted fish, pea sprouts, spicy eggplant, and two types of chicken(?).

Missed the first part of the "Sing A Long" Concert. I liked this concert - it was a great way to start the con.

Enjoyed Toastmaster Scott Snyder's concert.

The work week had been very busy and I really needed down time, so I didn't make it to open filk. I did start my loom knitting project and managed to break the yarn after 6 rows. Grrr. I was making the stitches way too tight.

Saturday, started with the complimentary breakfast buffet. Walked over to Best Buy for new earbuds and was talked into buying Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch for the PS3.

Concerts! Nicole Dieker, 2x10's (The Bohnhoff's performed a new parody - Salibury Steak and a gorgeous song by Maya about Grimm) and Interfilk Guest, Merav Hoffman.

Dinner at Macaroni Grill just so Sean could draw on the table.

Downtown Freddy Brown's International Guest Concert. T'was much fun and silliness! I had Black Magic Marker and Secret Asian Man on earworm. Many cds were bought.

Ookla The Mok West! Lots of fun and chair dancing. Wasn't sure if the keyboards would remain standing after Adam's butt bouncing.

Since Friday, Joey & I had been trying to arrange a hostage exchange. Me, I had his pan of blueberry coffeecake. Joey, had my sakura manju from Shuei-do. Ended up going to his room for the exchange and a whiskey tasting. My main experience with whiskey is that it burns going down my throat. I do like whiskey sours. I tasted 5 whiskeys, 2 pear brandies, and some black muscat dessert wine (Rosenblum's - yum!). I think Sean tasted at least 4 other whiskeys and other stuff.

I think I stayed out until 2am? Did get to hear both of Talis Kimberley's songs: Velvet (Kathy Mar!) & Still Catch the Tide before Kanef's mash up of the two. Hee!

Sunday: breakfast buffet, picked up a few more cds, and then sat by the pool and read this month's book club selection (Jennifer Roberson's Sword Dancer)

Adam Sakellarides! I liked his Introverts and Addiction songs =)
Puzzlebox! Alisa really got into "Tight Skin Love" (ttto: Six String Love) and her hubby Luis went at it on the drums. They also did Hallelujah - and loved all the harmonies - the entire room had at it. Time Traveler's Daughter was absolutely lovely - a non parody song by Kanef (ttto: Homecoming by Debbie Ohi)

Last minute shopping in the dealers' room. Got a nifty pair of Treble Clef earrings in copper! Asked Batya if she had sung Gabriel Grey's Song this weekend and she hadn't and said she would do it in circle that night. Yay!!!

The Rock Jam - What can I say except they massacred House of the Rising Sun. Do you know you can make almost anything scan to it? A partial list of songs sung to the tune were: Amazing Grace (Rebecca), Greensleeves (Batya), Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse parody about Hogwarts, Green Hills of Earth (Paul, may have been green green grass of home, come to think of it), Gilligan's Theme, a vampy Mary Had a Little Lamb (Char), O Little Town of Bethlehem, Yellow Rose of Texas, Banned from Argo... It was good to see Mud there, looking very fragile, but boy, she could still belt it out =)

Dinner at Applebees

Filking until 1? 2? Really enjoyed Batya's Gabriel Grey's Song (with Kathy Mar as human metronome) & her rap song (title escapes me right now). Squeee!!

Finished one tea towel (started at last year's Consonance) and one infant hat - which works out better for me as a DP cozy.

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