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Boston, Day 3 - Boskone, Day 2

Saturday. FoL Breakfast at 8:30am at Sauciety (hotel buffet). Sleep? Who needs sleep???

There were about 20+ people? Kev, Elizabeth from Ct, Nancy O'Reily and I ended up at the kids' table. Had a nice conversation. SNOW!!! Watched the snow falling during breakfast =)

Sharon gave me a key to the party room, which turned out to be the wrong key. If Team No Sleep had been around, I'm sure we'd be up to no good and be searching for the room which the key would work and going after more story. (I know, I know, Steve & Sharon only bring what they absolutely have to, but I also know that Steve was working on deadline and...) But, Team No Sleep was not here, so I meekly exchanged the keys later on.

So, what did I do?
Filking in Other People's Universes (12:00-12:50, Griffin). Jordin Kare, Mary Crowell, Mary Kay Kare and Gary Erlich.
A look at filksongs and the stories they were based on.
-- I could only stay until 12:25 because...

Reading: Steve Miller & Sharon Lee (12:30-12:55, Lewis). Steve Miller and Sharon Lee
-- They read from Necessity's Child =)

Met up with Barbara, and we decided to move all the party stuff to her room, aka the party room. Kev & I utilized the trick that Thuy and I used at Renovation to move stuff from place A to place B when one has no access to a cart. Suitcases!

Kev & I had a light lunch at Sauciety. Beet salad with goat cheese was very tasty!

Concerts! (3-5pm, Lewis)
3pm - Denise Gendron

3:30pm - Sassafras (Lila Garrott, Kara Hurvitz, Tili Sokolov, Emily Lewis and Ruth Wejksnora-Garrott)
During Denise's concert, there was a poor lady who was coughing constantly (but trying to be quiet about it). Turns out that lady was part of Sassafrass. During the first song - Heartfire - she played a drum. Ada Palmer who usually sings lead for Heartfire, was not at the con, so they had gotten a sub - Heather Dale! T'was wonderful!!!! The second song turned out to be a duet. I don't remember the title, but it was one of the norse saga songs - long. Guess who one of the singers was? Yup, the coughing lady. I was absolutely amazed at her performance - she made it to just about the very end without coughing. It was a very powerful duet. Wow!

4pm - Mary Ellen Wessels & Ed Stauff (plus Denise on cello and various family members)

4:30pm - Jordin Kare - concerts were running long, and I didn't want to have to walk out during it, so I skipped his.

Silver Anniversary of the Liaden Universe (5-6:20pm, Burroughs). Bob Kuhn (M), Christopher Weuve, Steve Miller, Sharon Lee, Darlene Marshall and Tom Easton
Val Con and Miri stepped onto the stage/page 25 years ago in Agent of Change. Since then, we've travelled the Liaden Universe, backward and forward through time and space, via 15 more novels and many short stories from Sharon Lee & Steve Miller. Come hear about their work, their writing partnership, their universe as a setting for SF romance and action and just maybe a hint of what's to come.
-- Bob Kuhn arrived and started pulling out decorations and a Happy Anniverary banner out of his bag. Tape - painter's tape and package tape. Definitely prepared. Table was decorated. Banner was hung. Lots of fun for the next 90 minutes. I loved rehearing the story of Anne McCaffrey "put it back".

Kev & I were originally going to the M J O'Connors' pub, but it was packed. Ended up walking across to the Seaport Hotel. The Aura was packed, but Tamo's (bar/terrace) had seating. Had the Tartare Duo (salmon, tuna, chili, soy sauce, avocado) served with sour dough crustinis. Also ordered the mashed potatoes. A definite comfort food meal.

Heather Dale & Ben Deschamps Concert at 8pm in Harbor II-III. There would be part 1 of the concert, then the NESFA Awards and Guest Introduction Ceremony, then part 2 of the concert. I stayed on for the part 1 of the concert and then went to help with the party set up.

Some of the songs that I remember hearing were: Sigma, Mordred's Lullaby, The Devil and the Farmer's Wife and the Selkie song.

Went up to the party room and helped Barbara get stuff ready. She'd already put the sodas in the tub for their ice bath. We made open face sandwiches with Underwood canned meats and tuna. I've come to the conclusion that I don't like the smell =) Poor Barbara was injured in the line of duty - she'd cut her finger on the can. Ouch! Chocolates!!! Steve & Sharon had brought specialty chocolates from Maine. OMG - the truffle was amazing.

Room was full from just before 10pm unti midnight. The quote game was a little difficult to play because the room was packed and noisy. Dropped off the leftovers at the Con Suite.

Went over to filking but I think I'd hit "time out from people" mode and left after hearing Paul (Dr. Snark?) sing the "we're okay here, we're just mad" song. Did leave the two pound box of See's there. =)

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