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Boston, Day 2 - Boskone Day 1

Friday, slept in until 10am? (7am CA time).

Spoke to kinzel - he still had my phone number from Renovation. We were now on Plan B regarding the food for the party on Saturday night. The original person who was going to do the shopping, hadn't. Not sure if it was a car issue or the person wasn't going to make it to the con after all or whatever. I'd meet with some people at registration around 2:30 and we'd replot.

Kev & I walked over to Fresh City for brunch. I got a Napa Turkey sandwich (turkey, avocado, bacon and cheese). Kev got some kind of burrito. Grabbed a catering menu just in case we needed something close for the party.

Walked the 1.2 miles to The Bromfield Pen Shop. Kev was just medium bad in the store. Me? I lose pens all the time. I am sad when I lose my $7 Parker pen. I'd probably be devastated if I lost a pen which cost $$$.

Went up to registration to ask for "Barbara". No one knew her. It turns out the person I was asking, Irene, was actually the OTHER person who would know something about the Liaden party, but I didn't know that at the time. So, I went ahead and registered and met up with Ruth (last seen at Renovation or Chicon?) and sat & chatted. Ended up talking with Steve & Sharon. Steve had a lead on a person who had a car and was willing to take me to the store for party stuff. "Dave" wasn't there yet, but he'd call me when he got in.

Met up with Dave around 4:30 - traffic was da horrible. It had taken him half an hour to get to from his hotel to the con hotel and it took us 30-45 minutes JUST TO GET OUT of the waterfront area. Gridlock much? Freeway was backed up too. Spent the next 40 minutes in Costco. To cake or not to cake? No cake. No place to keep it cold (if we had a balcony, we'd be fine). So, cookies: brownies, cinnamon rolls, madelleines, and Chinese almond cookies. Carrots, humus, salsa, tortilla chips, pita chips and chips. Plates, napkins, utensils. Sodas (pepsi. dp, water, fruit flavored waters - some fizzy, some not)

Dave was still plotting about getting a cake with Necessity's Child cover on it. We needed more time and a bakery close to the con. Oh well. Trip back to the hotel was like 20 minutes. Got all the stuff dumped off in my room.

Kev & I walked down the street to Papagayo Mexican Restaurant & Tequila Bar for dinner. Friday night, it was packed and it was loud. We got the table side guacomole - spicy and the margarita de la casa. Oy - margaritas were strong. I think I drank between 1/4 to 1/3. Oh boy. Flushed cheeks, but not up to red nose stage. The chicken enchilada with tomatilla sauce was just so-so, but the plantanos tostones and the poblano potato gratin were very tasty.

Gone filking until midnight?
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