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Boston, Day 1

Thursday, the first alarm went off at 3:45am. The second at 4am. I was up and showered by the time the third alarm went off at 4:15am. Out the door and even following the directions from the parking website, I still got lost *sigh*. There is a tall sign which can be seen from the freeway which says "Park N Fly", but there is not a big sign at street level. Still made it to the airport and through security by 5:45am. The x-ray machine ignored me for a change.

Uneventful nonstop flight across country, we even got in about half an hour early! Sometimes I think that getting a nonstop flight, for a long flight, is not the best thing for me. Having to change flights, breaks up the trip and doesn't make it feel so unending.

pezazul was awaiting me at baggage claim! Taxi'd to the hotel ($23 with tip & toll). Checked into room 522 at the Westin Boston Waterfront. Next up was a walk to the waterfront and an early dinner at Legal Sea Foods - Harborside on the first floor (casual dining). We got a table right by the window and we both started with a mug of New England Clam Chowder. Yum. Kev finally decided on Fred the Lobster (Fred weighed in somewhere between 1.25 and 1.5 pounds). I decided on the small shellfish platter. 4 each of two different types of oysters, a couple of crab legs and a claw, and shrimp cocktail. 4 different sauces: cocktail sauce with horse radish, jalapeno vinegar, tartar, and something else greenish. Something made me break out... Dessert was a flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries and Boston Cream Pie.

Walked back to the hotel with a quick stop at the 7-11 for some claritin and a 12 pack of dp. Evening was very clear and chilly. The high for the day was around 35 F?

Kev was in bed by 10:30. I ended up exploring the hotel for the next hour or so. My body clock said it was way too early to sleep and dinner was sitting like a huge rock in my stomach. Walked around the mezzanine, the first floor, the galleria on the lower floor, then over to harbor side 3 floors - bottom would be the dealers' room, con suite, art show and the 3rd floor would be registration and panel rooms. Walk, walk, walk. If anybody noticed me, they'd probably think I was "not from around there" as I was in a sweatshirt and shorts.
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