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Dim Sum, Theatreworks and Another Trip

Saturday, K, the kidlets and I celebrated the Lunar New Year by going to Dim Sum. Well, having dim sum is always a celebration and it just happened to be the start of Lunar New Year =)

Monday, herefox, his roommate J and I had swedish meatballs over noodles for dinner and watched American Idol's "The Guys in Hollywood" episodes. I didn't to watch any of the auditions this year!

Last night, herefox and I went to Theatreworks' Happy Hour - aka the announcement of the 13-14 season shows. We'll be seeing the following plays: The Loudest Man on Earth, Other Desert Cities, Warrior Class, Silent Sky and Hound of the Baskervilles. The musicals are: Little Women, Once Upon This Island and Marry Me a Little (Sondheim fans - here's one for you!). Theatreworks' signature cocktail "The Encore" (triple sec, vodka, ???????) was tasty.

Today, I need to work, color my hair, do a load of laundry, pack for COLD weather (white stuff too?), pick up meds, go to See's and get some SLEEP.

Tomorrow, I will be on an early morning flight to Boskone!!!!

ETA: I need to pick up a new set of ear buds. I just killed my current pair. grrrrrr!

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