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Tuesday - The Voyage Home

Pack, pack, pack. It's always fun trying to stuff all the souvenirs, especially the breakables, in da suitcase at the end of a vacation.

Of course, it doesn't help that I found a 4 foot tall Eeyore. What did help was the bag of holding that I picked up at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I didn't pick up a wand, but the bag of holding didn't need one to work. This bag would really come in handy for World Cons - all those books and trying to stay under 50 pounds per bag.

So Tuesday morning, got to sleep until 9am. Woot! Decided to stick with just one pair of socks, as walking from one end of a park to the other was not on the agenda. Left off the band aids too. Living dangerously and all...

Breakfast at the cafeteria, followed by last minute shopping. J & W decided to explore the grounds while I found a lounge chair by the pool and read. The life guards out numbered the swimmers for most of the morning. Mermaids don't count. The life guards were running a test of some sort. A change of shift, and then a new life guard saved a submerged life jacket.

J & W informed me that the other resort - Art of Animation - is just a short walk over a bridge. J came back with a charm bracelet and a necklace that she'd been eyeing at the park.

Time to say farewell to W. He just found out that he'd gotten a job offer at Toy Story Mania! He'd originally heard that he'd be working the Studio Backlot attraction, but he's much happier with TSM! J was very sad to be leaving her baby in FL. *sigh*

Caught the Disney Magical Shuttle back to the airport. Trip home was uneventful. I got the window on both legs. The last flight was only half full, so we actually had the row to ourselves.

Ron picked us up and I was home by 10:30pm.


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Jan. 29th, 2013 02:39 am (UTC)
Welcome back! Sounds like you covered a LOT of territory!

After you've recovered, drop me an email and we will connect.
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